Anniversary Dates. Always Disastrous.

Seven years ago I moved to a forest in Northern California with my young family, where this blog began. Here is a yarn from then about being forced to stop trying to control everything. The date that wasn’t… I hope you enjoy it.

Angela Barnett

Anniversary Dates have so much pressure on them to be incredibly, stupendously romantic they often implode. A girlfriend told me recently, “I have cried more on anniversary dates than I have kissed!”. Usually, she said, out of sheer disappointment because she built up expectations so high no one human being could possibly fulfill them.


Yet, sometimes the thought of having to create the best date in the galaxy makes me want to stay home. Too hard. But then I fret that if we stay home on special occasions we will never do anything together and then when the children move out we’ll be near strangers with me farting in one room and the Dimple snoring in another and it will be way harder than if we had just got off the couch occasionally.

Which is why I decided we had to go out on our recent wedding anniversary. The…

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